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Manager Panel is an analytical tool that provides a snapshot of your team's engagement level on Cooleaf's platform. Here, users with admin level accounts can quickly evaluate individual and team performance and adherence to core values.

Manager Panel gives supervisors access to platform analytics such as:

  • Rewards budget
  • Participation rate
  • Recognitions (given/received)
  • Redemptions
  • And more...

Reminder: Access to Manager Panel requires admin or local admin* level account status

*Manager Panel availability for local admin account status depends on your organizations account settings

How to Access Manager Panel

Start at Cooleaf's User Panel page.

  1. Navigate to the silhouette icon at the bottom left of the web platform, and select "Manager Panel."
  2. Welcome to Manager Panel!

Adjust Your Line Graph

The line graph provides a customizable chart that captures critical engagement analytics at a glance. Displayed data derives from three categories: desired metric, organizational structure (or population), and time.

Adjust your categories to set your desired outcome:

  1. Choose the metric to be measured from the drop-down list found at the top left corner of the line graph chart
  2. Choose the population(s) from the drop-down list found at the top right corner of the page above the line graph
    1. Managers will be able to see their direct reports
    2. Admin level accounts will be able to select tags and/or the entire organization
  3. Choose your date range from the drop-down list found at the top right corner of the page above the line graph
Tip: If you're a supervisor, your team will appear on the line graph in dark blue. Compare your team engagement progress against the rest organization in light blue

Understand Your Metrics

Metrics are one of the key performance indicators (KPI's) designed to track platform effectiveness, productivity, and value added. As the categories are adjusted, the calculation for each metric displays the newly specified dataset.

Available metrics include:

  • Adoption Rate
  • Average Points Earned/Redeemed
  • Redemption Rate
  • Average Recognitions Received/Given
  • Activity Participation Rate
  • Survey Participation Rate
Tip: Hover your cursor over the question mark icon to learn how each metric is calculated

Review Your Usage

A complete breakdown of each metric is available for further analysis. Get macro and micro analysis of program strengths & weaknesses, budget allocation, and identify high-performing team members.

Available analysis include:

  • Team Engagement
  • Recognitions
  • Activity
  • Awards (Core Values & more)

Tip: Filter subcategories by preference (alphabetical order, high-to-low, low-to-high, and more)

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