Get Started with Pulse Surveys

Employee engagement surveys enable teams to collect employee feedback at scale, empowering them with the right data. Feedback at scale is key, because it represents the collective voices of your employee base, rather than the loudest voices of a few people.

Cooleaf offers a unique way to listen and act with anonymous pulse surveying by:

  • Meeting your team where they're already engaging, minimizing multi-platform fatigue and re-invigorating existing company initiatives within your account
  • Utilizing existing team structures with the ability to directly act upon those same team efforts and goals within the account, creating a closed loop for driving success
  • Offering the ability to incentivize data collection with rewards points
Tip: Always start with a clear surveying strategy, establishing purpose, cadence, and a results action timeline.

How to Create a Survey

Creating surveys requires admin level account status.

  1. Navigate to the blue icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, and select “Manager Panel”
  2. To access the Surveys portion of the Manager Panel, click the survey icon on the upper left-hand side of your screen,
  3. Click on "Create New" to create your survey
  • Question types include Single Choice, Checkboxes, or Short Answer
  • Mark any required answers
  • Easily add answer options or additional questions
Tip: Aim to keep pulse surveys between 3-7 questions. Pair action-oriented questions ("I have seen positive changes since XYZ") with Likert scale responses ("Strongly Agree, Agree, ..."). Capture qualitative data with a follow-up open-ended question.
  1. Target your survey to your entire organization, a specific team within your account, or select individuals within your account.
  • Select your date range (start and end date of survey)
  • Opt to incentivize participation by adding points for survey completion
  • Add any instructions (will be included in the invitation email)
Clearly explain what will be measured, what the survey will allow the company to do, and what the participant can expect in the way of confidentiality and action.

Survey Completion

Survey recipients will receive a notification by email, as well as see a survey icon on the left navigation bar in their web platform.

The survey easily pops up within the main page of the account.

Once completed, any points are immediately issued to the participant.

Survey Analysis

Track responses in the survey dashboard

Filter responses by Teams and/or dates

Easily download reports

Survey Action

Establish a post-survey communications plan and action timeline.

Next steps: evaluate performance metrics, adoption of core values, and your engagement plan to build upon feedback results.

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