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You'll first see the People on the top sub-nav bar on the Community page. You can see all of your teammates' profile photos and titles and even click through to see their profiles.

You can use the search on the right-hand side to search for a certain team, tag, or teammate:

You can click the blue Recognize button to recognize a teammate directly from the People page.

My Teams

If you click the My Teams page on the sub-nav, you can check out the teams you're apart of:

You might have a few teams based off of location, interest, or department. You can click a specific team card to see a main feed for your team.

The Team's page will show a feed of posts, recognitions, events, and challenges targeted to your Team:

You can even click the cards at the top of the Teams page, before the feed, to check out more highlights of your team from Activities, Points, Interests:

Learn more about team engagement from the highlights at the top, filter by type of content on the right-hand side, or click through on any team member to view a round-up of their latest recognitions!

If you do not see a specific team that should be a part of or you have identified there is a missing team member, but they are on the platform, please contact your HR Team or Platform Administrator to have them correct this information on your platform Census Data File

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