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Cooleaf Integrations (Admin)

Cooleaf seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of communication and business tools, allowing you to simplify your employee engagement and recognize your team for system-driven behaviors. To see a list of integrations, go to the Manage view and click on the Integrations tab.

Facebook Workplace

With our Facebook Workplace integration, you can push content from a Cooleaf post or recognition directly into your Facebook Workplace group. To share a Cooleaf post on Facebook Workplace, simply check the box that says 'Post on Facebook group'.

The post will automatically push to your Facebook Workplace group.


Our Slack integration serves as a seamless bridge between Cooleaf and Slack, enabling you to effortlessly engage with recognitions, posts, events, and challenges from Cooleaf directly into your preferred Slack channel. This integration empowers your users to engage with Cooleaf content conveniently within Slack.

Learn more here!

MS Teams

With our MS Teams integration, you can push content from a Cooleaf post or recognition directly into your MS Teams. To share a Cooleaf recognition or post onto your MS Teams channel, simply select the box that says 'Notify by' next to the MS Teams logo.

Then hit Recognize or Post.

For this example, we wanted our recognition to go into the MS teams channel for recognition. So you might need to select the specific channel from a drop down menu.

The post will automatically push to your MS Teams channel.


Zapier allows you to build workflows between nearly any app, including HubSpot, Trello, Evernote, and thousands more. With the Cooleaf Zapier integration, you can recognize employees for actions in other applications, such as:

  • Tasks completed in Asana or Trello
  • Deals closed in HubSpot CRM
  • Survey completed in SurveyMonkey

Litmos (or other LMS)

All employees need training opportunities to reach their full potential. Learning Management Systems, such as Litmos, allow you to offer flexible online training to your employees.

With our Litmos integration, you can publicly recognize employees for completing specific e-learning courses and even award them reward points for doing so.

When the employee completes the course, they will automatically receive a Cooleaf recognition:

Copper or Salesforce

Cooleaf allows you to to incentivize sales behaviors that boost revenue, gamifying the sales process and motivating your team to engage in key sales activities. You can use Cooleaf to reward activity-based sales efforts such as:

  • Call attempts
  • Demos
  • CRM usage
  • Referrals gained
  • Proposals sent


Keep your customer support team happy and motivated by using Cooleaf to celebrate small wins and big achievements.

Rewards can be team-wide or tied to individual accomplishments. Reinforce the behaviors you want to see, including:

  • Met daily target of tickets solved
  • First call resolution rate
  • Average NPS score
  • Average call wait time
  • Average call handle time

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Ask us how to create simple, data-driven formulas to recognize your people for achieving their goals.

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