Intro to Cooleaf

What is Cooleaf?

Cooleaf is an employee engagement platform designed to help your team meet its full potential. Using a targeted combination of behavior-driven incentives, spot recognition, and team-building challenges, Cooleaf drives your efforts to achieve winning business results and create a fulfilling work culture.

What can I do with Cooleaf?

  • Create automatic employee incentives integrated with sales, customer support, and communication tools you already use.
  • Track employee engagement with powerful reports and analytics.
  • Encourage your team to engage in lead behaviors that align with company goals and values.
  • Celebrate team achievements such as meeting targets, winning deals, or closing cases, and award points that can be redeemed for virtual and physical rewards.

Who does Cooleaf benefit?

  • Sales teams who want to capture important actions including meeting new clients, attending events, and more.
  • Human resource professionals who want customizable data and insights into their team’s internal communications and knowledge sharing.
  • Contact centers who want to recognize their highest performers and inspire friendly competition within their team.
  • Marketing teams looking to track marketing campaigns such as webinars, social media engagement, and events.

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