Admin Dashboard - View Statistics and Reports (Admin)

The Admin Dashboard offers a detailed summary of your organization’s performance. You can also use the Admin Dashboard to access detailed statistics and download reports.

To access the Admin Dashboard, click the ‘Manage’ button above the navigation bar.

Clicking the 'Manage' button brings you to the Admin Dashboard.

Understanding Engagement Score

The first item on the Admin Dashboard is the engagement score. The engagement score allows you to gauge your organization’s Cooleaf performance at a glance.

On the engagement score graph, you can modify the ‘time range’ to view your engagement score over a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month time period.

The engagement score is calculated using three elements:

  • The adoption score, or rate of employee engagement on the Cooleaf platform.
  • The participation score, or the rate of employee participation in company activities.
  • The recognition score, or the rate at which employees are giving, earning, and redeeming reward points.

You can get a more detailed view of each of these three scores by clicking on the links for Adoption, Participation, or Recognition. The detailed view allows you to see the history of this score over time, filter the data for specific structure tags, and download engagement store data.

Understanding Statistics

The Statistics page allows you to view graphical charts based on your organization’s data.

You can view these statistics for specific structure tags such as departments, locations, or teams by applying filters.

You can also view data from a specified time period.

Hovering over the grey question mark reveals an explanation of the chart below.

Understanding Reports

The Reports page allows you to download a variety of Cooleaf activity reports. For example, let’s say you’d like to download a list of all Cooleaf events, along with the number of participants.

Simply scroll down to ‘Events’ and find the ‘Events summary’ report. Click ‘Download report’ and a CSV file will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Tips for Using Reports

When used effectively, the reports feature can offer you powerful insights into your team’s productivity. Interested in creating a leaderboard of your top performers? Download the ‘Rewards by Category’ report to see which employees earned the most recognition points for logging specific activities. Need to find out which of your recent challenges bestowed the most reward points? Download the ‘Challenges summary’ report to find out.

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