Culture Champion Awards

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The Culture Champion awards are engagement awards that are designed to help highlight your organization's culture champions. These automated awards will recognize your employees for their contributions as an encourager, the influencer, the hype person, and finally, the commentator. 

The Encourager

This award is given out to encouragers who give consistent and meaningful peer recognitions to deserving recipients in any given month.

The Influencer

This award is given out to influencers whose actions as a culture champion are been noticed repeatedly throughout the month.

The Hype Person

This award is given out to hype people who consistently like and engage with information shared in the app during any given month.

The Commentator

This award is given out to commentators who consistently engage with content posted on the main timeline during any given month.

How can I add these automated awards to my platform?

If these awards have not already been added, reach out to to have a CSM add the awards to your platform. You can work with the CSM to adjust the frequency and point values associated with each of these awards.

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