What is an Award?

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In the realm where dedication meets recognition, Cooleaf Awards shine as beacons of celebration. 🎉 These awards constitute a distinct pathway to honor extraordinary employee accomplishments. 🏆

Great strides warrant great recognition. Cooleaf Awards are tokens of acknowledgment granted to team members who transcend expectations. They stand as symbols of those who consistently go above and beyond, attain significant milestones, or exemplify the very essence of our core values.

The landscape of Cooleaf Awards is as diverse as the talents within your organization. It encompasses a vibrant array of accolades, ensuring that each unique achievement finds its rightful spotlight:

  1. 🎂 Birthday Awards: These awards wrap warmth and appreciation around our colleagues' special day.
  2. 💼 Work Anniversary Awards: These awards honor the enduring dedication of team members over their tenures.
  3. ⭐️ Core Value Awards: These awards shine on individuals who exemplify your guiding values, setting a resounding example.
  4. 📚 Learning & Development Awards: These awards commend those who embrace knowledge and drive continuous improvement.
  5. 📈 System-Integrated Awards: These awards celebrate achievements seamlessly aligned with our technological fabric.

Imagine the delight radiating from a colleague as they receive a Cooleaf Award. It's a shared moment of pride, uniting peers and leadership in a chorus of recognition and appreciation. Cooleaf Awards are more than virtual accolades; they shape your organizational culture. By saluting exceptional accomplishments, these awards fuel a culture where every member is inspired to aim for greatness.

Note: While some awards might not be publicly visible due to access levels and administrative settings, they resonate profoundly within our platform. Only those with Local Admins, Managers, Admins, or HR Admins access on the Cooleaf platform can give Awards. If you hold one of these roles and do not have access, connect with your organizational leaders or administration team, as there could be additional access needed to specific Awards. There may be some cases where a User could Award an Award. Please contact your Cooleaf Admin for additional training if you believe this could be you.

To find awards, click Awards in the left navigation bar. This will bring you to the Awards page:

Team member awards

Click on any award to go to the individual award page to learn more about it.

Team member awards page

On the individual award page, you'll see a list of all the recognitions for this award. Use the calendar on the right side to filter the dates for a specific time period.

On the right side of the award page, you'll see the Award stats. The top box shows the number of points you've earned through this award, and the bottom box shows the top award recipients.

Cooleaf Award Program Stats

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