Business Challenges

What is a business challenge?

Business challenges drive your organization’s success by encouraging lead behaviors. A business challenge encourages participants to meet company-wide goals around wellness, marketing, sales, or business development.

How do I join a business challenge?

When your organization creates a business challenge, you will be notified by email. From the email, click the link to go to the challenge page and click the blue button that says ‘Join’.

That’s it – you’re in! Once you’ve clicked the blue ‘Join’ button, the button will change to show a blue checkmark and say ‘You are in.’

You can now complete the challenge ‘To-Do’s’ and earn reward points for this challenge!

How do I leave a business challenge?

To leave a business challenge, simply click the button that says ‘Leave.’

How do I earn points for doing a challenge?

In order to complete the challenge, be sure to read and follow the directions carefully. After you join the challenge, you’ll be able to complete the challenge ‘To-Do’s’ at the bottom of the page.

Some challenges have ‘To-Do’s’ for multiple days. For these types of challenges, you will need to return to the challenge page each day and select the current date before posting in the ‘To-Do’s’.

Some challenges have multiple tasks every day, with reward points accrued for every task you complete.

Don’t forget to click ‘Post’ after writing your ‘To-Do’s’! You will not be awarded any points until you do.

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