Intro to Challenges

What are challenges?

Challenges are employee engagement initiatives that reward positive behaviors such as leading a healthy lifestyle, enhancing innovation, attending industry events, and more. Participating in challenges allows you to earn reward points that can be redeemed for merchandise and eGift Cards, including Amazon, AMC Theaters, and Target.

What types of challenges can I join?

There are two types of challenges: step challenges and business challenges.

Step challenges encourage healthy physical behavior. In a step challenge, participants aim to meet a step count goal throughout the duration of the challenge.

Business challenges help an organization track success by rewarding employee behavior such as sharing company content, meeting a sales goal, or participating in networking events.

How long do challenges last?

The time length of a challenge is set by the challenge coordinator.

  • In a daily challenge, participants are awarded points at the end of each day once they have met that day’s goal.
  • In a weekly challenge, participants are awarded points only once at the week’s end and only after achieving that weekly goal.
  • In a monthly challenge, participants are awarded points after they’ve reached the monthly goal.

I have an idea for a challenge! Who can I talk to?

Awesome! We’d love to hear about it. The first step for getting a challenge approved is to contact your organization administrator. Many organizations run challenges based on an existing program plan.

Our content team is happy to help you and your organization’s administrator create a challenge that will be fun for your whole team! Contact us at for more help.

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