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How do I create a post on Cooleaf?

Use the post feature to share news, announcements, and other messages on your organization’s timeline. To create a new post, follow the steps below.

"Create a Post" may be limited by your level of access. Please contact your organization's Cooleaf Admin if you believe you should have access, but do not see the Create a Post option.

  1. On the homepage, click Create a post.

You can also create a new post from other pages on the site by clicking the green plus [+] button in the top right corner of the webpage.
  1. In the pop-up box, write your post in the first box. You can also include a photo, add emojis 😇, or attach a file.

  1. Next, select a relevant tag for this post.

Tags are used for tracking activity in Cooleaf. For example, if your post relates to customer service, selecting the ‘Customer Service’ tag would allow your organization to create a report of the number of posts tagged 'Customer Service'. Admins have the ability to add, edit, and manage tags.

To add tags, click the tag [#] symbol underneath your post description and click on a tag to add it to your post.

NEW: You can now add multiple tags to posts and recognitions!

  1. Next, choose who should see this post. Is this an announcement that the whole company would benefit from, or would this post be better suited to just one team? By default, posts are automatically visible to everyone in your organization.

Under 'Visible to,' select 'Everyone' or 'Team'. To make your post private to one team, type the @ symbol first and start typing to search for a team. Click on the team name to add it to your post.

When you choose to post privately to a specific team, your post will be visible in the social feed for team members only. It will also appear on your team page.

  1. Finally, choose how you'll notify people about this post.

If your organization uses a communication tool such as Slack or Facebook Workplace, your post will be sent to that channel by default. You can turn this off by clicking the 'x' button.

If you'd like to send an email notifying people about your post, click the email icon. When highlighted, a new post notification will go to anyone this post is 'visible to'.

  1. Publish your post!

Once you've published your post, it will instantly appear in the main feed.

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