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How do I create a post on Cooleaf?

The Share an Idea feature allows you to post news, announcements, and other messages on your organization’s timeline.

This feature can be especially useful for cross team communication.

  • Product teams might ‘Share an Idea’ to ask for feedback from other departments.
  • Marketing teams might ‘Share an Idea’ to notify their colleagues about an upcoming marketing campaign.
  • Sales teams might ‘Share an Idea’ to track events attended, meetings set, or deals closed.

To create a post, follow the steps below.

Step 1

In the Cooleaf dashboard, click the text that says ‘Share an idea.’

Step 2

Clicking the ‘Share an idea’ button expands a form. On this form, enter your desired title and description. Note that Title and Description are required fields.

Step 3

Next, decide who should see this post. Is this an announcement that the whole company needs to see, or would this post be better suited to just the marketing team? By default, posts are automatically shared with your entire organization. Selecting ‘Group’ or 'Team’ will share the post with a specific group or team.

When you choose to post in a specific group, the post will appear on that group’s page. It will not appear on the main timeline.

If you choose to share this post with a ‘Group’ or ‘Team’, you will be prompted to choose a group or team.

Step 4

Next, select a relevant ‘Tag’ for this post.

Tags are used for tracking activity in Cooleaf. For example, if your post relates to customer service, selecting the ‘Customer Service’ tag would allow your organization to create a report of the number of posts tagged 'Customer Service'. Admins have the ability to add, edit, and manage tags.

Step 5

If you would like to notify your selected recipients by email, check this box.

Step 6

Click ‘Post’ to publish your post!

How do I edit or delete a post?

To edit a post you’ve created, follow the directions below.

Step 1

Go to the post and click ‘Edit’.

Step 2

Make any changes, then click ‘Save post.’

To delete a post, simply go to the post and click the ‘Delete’ button. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the post.

What does it mean to ‘pin’ a post?

Pinning a post will “pin” your content to the top of your organization’s timeline, meaning that it won’t be pushed down each time someone publishes a new post. Admins have the ability to 'pin' any type of post, including spot recognitions, ideas, events, and challenges.

You must be an Admin or a Local Admin to pin posts.

To pin a post, simply go to the post and click the button that says ‘Pin’ . Only one post can be pinned at a time.

To unpin a post, simply click the button that says 'Pinned.'

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