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​Recognitions and Posts

Recognitions and posts are a great way to connect with your community through the main feed. Recognitions allow you to "shout out" 🗣️ colleagues for a job well done, while Posts are for sharing general news and announcements. Learn how to create, edit, and delete content!

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Content Formatting & Attachment Options

Plain text just doesn't express our emotions, excitement, and enthusiasm! Learn how to add some✨flair✨using our rich text formatting tools and attachment options to make your content stand out!

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Discovering Discussion Groups

Cooleaf Discussion Groups are where you can foster connections, engage in meaningful conversations, and create a dynamic community right within the platform. From Employee Resource Networks to Passionate Pet Enthusiasts, our Discussion Groups provide a dedicated space for interactions, knowledge-sharing, and even some lighthearted fun - all conveniently accessible in one place.

The Cooleaf Success Team
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How To Take a Survey

Surveys will be set up by a Cooleaf Admin to collect employee feedback. By participating in these surveys, employees voices are better heard by the organization. Surveys also give us insight as to wh…

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How do I recognize someone on Slack?

Cooleaf has a Slack app! We recognize that offering recognition in real time is critical to producing meaningful experiences. So, whether you're in a channel or a direct message, you can stay connect…

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Microsoft Teams Cooleaf App

You can access all the exciting features of Cooleaf right from your MS Teams app. Cooleaf can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the left navigation bar. The Cooleaf MS Teams app will look very s…

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What can I do on the Community page?

People. You'll first see the People on the top sub-nav bar on the Community page. You can see all of your teammates' profile photos and titles and even click through to see their profiles. You can us…

The Cooleaf Success Team
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