What is an Award?

Great work deserves to be recognized, and Cooleaf Awards are a special way to celebrate employee achievements. Awards are given to team members for going above and beyond, reaching a milestone, or demonstrating core values.

There are many types of awards:

  • Birthday awards
  • Work anniversary awards
  • Core value awards
  • Learning & development awards
  • System-integrated awards

To see the awards you're eligible to receive, click Awards in the left menu bar. This will bring you to the Awards page:

Team member awards

Click on any award to go to the individual award page to learn more about it.

Team member awards page

On the individual award page, you'll see a list of all the recognitions for this award. Use the calendar on the righthand side to filter the dates for a specific time period.

On the righthand side of the award page, you'll see the Award stats. The top box shows the amount of points you've earned through this award, and the bottom box shows the top award recipients.

Cooleaf Award Program Stats

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