Intro to Events

What are Cooleaf events?

The Cooleaf event feature allows Admins and Local Admins to create a calendar-based invitation to a virtual or in-person event. The event page includes key information about the event, including the date and time, the name of the event coordinator, and more.

Any reward points associated with an event will be distributed after the event has passed.

You must ‘Join’ the event on Cooleaf in order to receive reward points for event attendance.
Looking to create or manage an event? Read this article instead.

How do I join an event?

When an Admin in your organization creates an event, all users will be notified by email.

From the email, click the link to go to the event page and click the blue button that says ‘Join’.

The Join button will change to say ‘You are in,’ and you will see your name on the ‘Attendees’ list on the left side of the page.

Now that you’ve signed up to attend the event, you’ll be able to add the event to your calendar, complete any event To-Do’s, and post comments on the event page.

Want to see a list of all events you've joined? Click your name in the top right corner of any Cooleaf page and select ‘Events’ from the dropdown.

Add an event to your calendar

After joining an event, add it to your personal or work calendar to keep track of your schedule. To add an event to your calendar, follow the steps below.

  1. Join the event (see the instructions above).
  2. On the right side of the event page, locate the box labelled ‘Time and place.’
  3. Click ‘Add to Calendar’ to add the event to your calendar (Apple Calendar, Google, Outlook, or Yahoo).

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