What can I do on my Teams page?

On the People and Teams page, you'll first see the People on the top sub-nav bar. You can see all of your teammates' profile photos and titles and even click through to see their profile.

Tip: you can easily recognize a teammate from here!

If you click the Teams page on the sub-nav, you can check out the teams you're apart of:

You might have a few teams based off of location, interest, or department. You can click a specific team card to see a main feed for your team.

The Team's page will show a feed of posts, recognitions, events, and challenges targeted to your Team:

You can even click the cards at the top of the Teams page, before the feed, to check out more highlights of your team from Activities, Points, Interests:

Learn more about team engagement from the highlights at the top, filter by type of content on the right-hand side, or click through on any team member to view a round-up of their latest recognitions!

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