Setting Up a Gifting Pool (Admin)

Gifting pools can be set up for various needs. Some examples include: setting up a pool to allow your sales team to gift prospects or for your HR team to send a coffee gift card to a new hire before their start date.

How to set up a gifting pool

  1. Click on the HR panel, then go to the 'Rewards' tab.
  2. Click on the 'New' button on the top right hand corner.
  3. You can change the picture, or keep as-is (it will not be user/front-end facing)
  4. Title the gifting pool and add a description (example below)
  5. Set the category label as 'Gifting'.
  6. Choose a point value for the category.
  7. Check 'Available for gifting as points pool'
  8. Set 'Maximum rewards points allowed for this category'.
  9. Set recognition category owner and target toward a specific team, role, or group.

Once you click save, uncheck all the following boxes: Show in weekly digest, create new post, and show in rewards page.

To use the gifting pool, see this HelpDoc.

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