How do I see my points history?

You can find your points balance in a few places. The most visible spot is the home page at the top:

What's my reward history?

You can also see your points balance and a breakdown of your points earned and spent on you Reward History page.

To get to your Reward History you can find the tab on your Personal Details profile page:

Or you can find it on the top right, under the drop down menu below your name:

On your Reward History page you'll see a summary of your total points and what you've earned and spent over time:

You can also see a summary of the last 3 months. And you can see a pie-chart reflecting where you earn the most points by activity (recognitions, challenges, or events).

When you hover over each section, you'll see the percentage breakdown of each:

When you scroll down you'll see a month-by-month breakdown of points earned and spent:

If you have questions on certain rewards, you can check out this article to find your reward.

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