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Cooleaf's Community guidelines are designed to protect the communities and experiences of all Cooleaf users and partners. We are confident that these guidelines will help you navigate the Cooleaf platform with ease.


First and foremost, Cooleaf takes recognition seriously and we expect that you do too. We believe that together, with our partnership, you can deliver valuable recognitions, make deeper connections with peers, and simultaneously, we can provide the best user experience possible. We encourage you to recognize a peer when:

  • Someone taught you something new
  • Someone volunteered for an extra assignment
  • Someone took initiative on a new project
  • Someone gave you helpful feedback
  • And more! Any time someone does something that you believe should be celebrated, we encourage you to recognize them!
And when you're giving a recognition, remember to be authentic and specific in your praise. Details matter and mean so much more to the person you're recognizing. You can see more tips here.

Monitored Content

Comments, posts, recognitions and other submissions are monitored by Cooleaf to ensure they adhere to the user expectations and information are outlined here, and in the policies below. Should your content violate these guidelines or policies, your content may be removed. Users and the corresponding organization's Admins will be notified of this violation and the users account will be closely monitored by the Cooleaf Team for 30 days. If the violations continue, Cooleaf will take the next appropriate action, including but not limited to: deleting the content, freezing the user's rewards, or suspending the user's account.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

If you have any questions or would like to report a violation, please contact

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