How do I redeem points for merchandise?

Along with digital gift cards, Cooleaf now offers an array of quality lifestyle products on the Rewards page, from electronics, cookware, or clothing.

You can redeem your points on Cooleaf for any of these physical products, which you can find under the Merchandise tab in Rewards.

If you need help redeeming for gift cards or other rewards check it out here.

Once you select the merchandise you'd like to redeem, you'll be prompted to fill in additional shipping information:

Fill out the Shipping Form completely and clearly. Each item on the form is needed in order to place the order and ship.

Be sure to double check the information in the Shipping Form! This cannot be undone once you select the green 'Redeem' button.

Once you're finished filling out the Shipping Form, select the green 'Redeem' button at the bottom.

You'll see a Reward Confirmation page with the points you used to redeem for the item.

It will take up to 2 weeks for items to be fulfilled and shipped.

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