Google Chat Integration (Admin)

What does the Google Chat integration enable?

Integration with Google Chat enables sending notifications from Cooleaf to selected Google Chat Spaces. The integration needs to be set up on both in Cooleaf admin and Google Chat settings.  

Please note that your organization must be enabled for Google Chat integration by a Cooleaf administrator. 

Google Chat Setup Instructions 

1. Go to the Google Chat platform and select a ‘Space’ or create a new space (i.e., Cooleaf)

2. Open the ‘Manage Webhooks’ setting from the Google Chat Space tools bar

3. Configure an ‘Incoming Webhook’ for the Cooleaf app connector. Add ‘Avatar’ URL that will be visible on the incoming Cooleaf post, then ‘Save’.

4. Copy the Cooleaf app Webhook URL and send it to a Cooleaf administrator, proceed to the next step if you have Cooleaf admin access.

5. Log in to the Cooleaf HR Admin panel and view the Integration tab. Under Google Chat, add the name of the Chat Space and webhook URL, then set it as default.

If Google Chat is not available for your organization, then contact your Cooleaf administrator.

6. Once the Google Chat channel is created and a webhook is configured then Google Chat Space is set up as default pace when sending post notifications from Cooleaf.

7. Create a recognition post in Cooleaf and verify the notification comes through your organization's Google Chat Space.

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