When will I receive my points?

Challenges are a fun and interesting way to get to know your team and earn points. To participate in a challenge you need to Join the challenge to earn points. There are two types of challenges on Cooleaf: a step challenge and a business challenge.

If you want to join and participate in a challenge, you can learn more here.

For a business challenge, you automatically earn points once you post your response to the challenge in the To-Do section at the bottom.

For a step challenge, you automatically earn your points once you reach the daily step challenge goal.

Where Can I See My Points?

Once you complete a To-Do on a challenge or accomplish the step challenge goal, you'll see your Points Balance on the Home page reflect your newly earned points. You can also see it on the top right if you navigate away from the Home page.

How can I see my points from a challenge?

If you want to make sure you received points from a challenge, you can check your Reward History.

Step 1 Select the drop down next to your name in the top right of the screen.

Step 2 Select "Reward History".

Step 3 You'll see your most recent point activity listed by month with most recent at the top. If you just participated in a challenge, your points will be at the very top.

You'll see points earned with a plus symbol in green and any points spent in black with a minus symbol.

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