Cooleaf Chrome Extension

Cooleaf for Chrome places a button in your browser navigation bar that gives you one-click access to the recognition feature anywhere on the web.

How do I download the Cooleaf Chrome extension?

  1. Head to the Cooleaf Chrome store page
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ in the top right
  3. When the dialog drops, click ‘Add extension’
  4. Click the Cooleaf icon in the top right of your browser
  5. Login to Cooleaf
  6. Use the form to recognize your peers in seconds!

For more information, watch the video below:

How do I 'recognize' a peer using the Chrome extension?

You can use the Chrome extension to recognize a colleague the same way you would within your browser window. Once you have the Cooleaf Chrome extension installed, simply click the Cooleaf icon in the top right of your browser to open the extension, fill out the recognition form, and click 'Recognize'!

This article explains how to recognize a peer within your community.

Can I use the extension without Google Chrome?

You must have the Google Chrome web browser in order to use this extension. You can download Google Chrome here.

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