Manage Rewards (Admin)

Use the Rewards page in HR Panel view to create and manage your organization’s rewards and recognition categories.

Understanding Rewards

Cooleaf rewards are a way for companies to show their gratitude and incentivize employees. Reward points are awarded for activities tracked within Cooleaf such as participating in a virtual challenge or attending an event. Reward points can be redeemed for rewards such as eGift Cards, merchandise, paid days off, or even charity donations.

Read more about how employees can earn and redeem rewards here.

Setting Up Your Cooleaf Rewards Program

Each organization has a predetermined rewards budget which is set by your organization’s leaders. The rewards budget resets at the beginning of each month, and any unused budget automatically rolls over to the next month.

During the onboarding process, your organization’s leaders will choose recognition categories based on your company’s core values and desired behaviors (“Always Wow the Customer,” “Perseverance & Grit,” etc.). Employees earn points through recognitions based on these categories.

Employees can view their organization’s recognition categories on the Awards page.

Recognition Categories

There are two types of recognition categories: manual recognition categories and auto-recognition categories.

When an Admin user ‘recognizes’ an employee, they must choose a relevant Recognition Category. This is a manual recognition:

An auto-recognition category is used when reward points are awarded automatically, such as on an employee’s work anniversary or a birthday.

Both types of recognition categories are managed through the Rewards page in Manage view.

How do I add a new recognition category?

To add a new manual recognition category, follow the steps below.

  1. Next to ‘Recognition categories in use’, click the blue button that says ‘New'.
  2. Select a photo from either the stock images or upload your own.
  3. Write the title for the recognition category.
  4. Write the description for the recognition category.
  5. Include a recommended point value for the recognition category. This number will automatically populate when an Admin selects this category during a recognition.
  6. Click ‘Save’.

To add a new auto-recognition category, follow steps 1-5 above, then check the box that says ‘Automatically send recognition when the following conditions are met.’

If you don’t want this auto-recognition category to appear as an option for manual recognition, make sure to uncheck the box that says ‘Make this category visible for manual recognition'.

Next, choose who the auto-recognition will be “from.” Usually, this is a leader in the organization.

Add a comment to appear alongside the auto-recognition.

Finally, set up the recognition rules. You can set up an auto-recognition based on member data, such as a birthday or work anniversary auto-recognition. You can also set up an auto-recognition based on member activity within the platform, such as creating a post, joining an event, or ‘recognizing’ a peer.

Our platform also integrates with other software, such as Copper CRM. Ask us about how we can integrate your platform with any system of record.

How do I edit a recognition category?

To edit a recognition category, scroll down to ‘Recognition categories in use’ and click ‘Edit’.

Make any changes necessary, then click ‘Save’.

How do I remove a recognition category?

To remove a manual recognition category from your organization, simply locate the recognition category under ‘Recognition categories in use’ and click ‘Archive'.

To remove an auto-recognition category from your organization, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the recognition category under ‘Recognition categories in use
  2. Click ‘Edit
  3. In the pop-up box, uncheck the box that says ‘Automatically send recognition when following conditions are met
  4. Click ‘Save
  5. Click ‘Archive’ to remove the recognition category

Rewards Catalog

You have full control over the types of rewards that are available for your employees. Use the 'Rewards catalog' page to manage your rewards.

How do I add a new reward?

  1. From the 'Rewards catalog' page, click the blue button that says 'Create new'.

If you'd like to add an eGift Card fulfilled by Cooleaf, click the text that says 'See list of rewards from your vendors'. Here, you will see a list of eGift Cards we currently offer.

We can also fulfill branded merchandise like hats, bags, and sweatshirts with your company logo! Ask us how.

You also have the option of creating your own reward, which will be fulfilled by your company. Employees love creative rewards like a paid day off or lunch with an executive!

  1. Choose a picture.
  2. Enter the reward name.
  3. Enter the reward description.

Optional: If this reward will only be available for a limited time, you can add a 'Due date' for the reward. You can also set a reward's availability, or select 'Unlimited' if there is an unlimited quantity.

  1. Determine how many points this reward will cost. For most organizations, the ratio of points to dollars is 10-1 (a $25 eGiftCard is worth 250 reward points).
  1. Decide who will be able to redeem this reward. Most rewards are targeted for the whole company, but you can also offer unique rewards to individual teams. You can also offer a reward for a special activity, such as a work anniversary.
  1. Click 'Create Reward'!

How do I edit a reward?

On the Rewards Catalog page, locate the reward you wish to edit, then click the blue button that says 'Edit reward'.

Make any changes necessary, then click ‘Update reward’.

How do I delete a reward?

On the Rewards Catalog page, locate the reward you wish to delete, then click the blue text that says 'Delete reward'.

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